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A Town Without Seasons: When and Where is the Wholesome Japanese Adaptation Releasing?

A Town Without Seasons aka Kisetsu no Nai Machi (季節のない街) is based on the 1962 Japanese novel of the same name by Shugoro Yamamoto. The series has been directed by Kankuro Kudo. From the looks of the trailer, it is clear that the quirky series will be filled with laughter and emotions that come with being in a closely-knit community. But does this mean that there won’t be issues? Absolutely not.

Imagine living in a small town and being paid for it. Sounds good, right? But what if you knew that the town would eventually be demolished? Would you be a part of it? Would you be willing to leave the town whose people have accepted you wholeheartedly? Emotions will have their overwhelming pull at you as you look for the answers to all these questions in the upcoming series.

Kisetsu no Nai Machi Still 1
Still from the trailer.

A Town Without Seasons Machi Cast

The main cast of Kisetsu no Nai Machi includes Sosuke Ikematsu as Shinsuke Tanaka as the lead along with Taiga Nakano as Tatsuya and Daichi Watanabe as Okabe.

A Town Without Seasons Plot/Storyline

Shinsuke arrives at a temporary town that is full of people who lost everything in the Nani disaster 12 years ago. Forgotten by the outside world, its people have made a world of their own, living happily with each other. The place is filled with all sorts of people, old, young, boring, eccentric and more. And Shinsuke, along with his cat, is settling in quite nicely. He even joins a young club that includes his new friends Tatsuya and Okabe. But there’s more to Shinsuke than meets the eye.

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He will have to keep an eye on all that is happening and report it to his senior who will play for each email he sends. Whether he was sent for that purpose or he was hired after he came to the town, we do not know for sure although the former seems more likely. The emails shall be the proof for some businessman who wants to demolish the town and build a new one. So no one can find out what Shinsuke is doing.

Kisetsu no Nai Machi Still 2
Still from the trailer

His job results in an internal conflict because he too lost everything in the disaster and it is these people who made him feel like he had a home and a family. The town may be temporary for the world but for its dwellers, it’s their life. And there is no one in it that he doesn’t like.

As we see in the trailer, Shinsuke is probably unable to lie to his friends due to guilt after a certain point and shows them the documents of the new town that is supposed to be built there with new tenants. Tatsuya is hurt and expresses his anger. What will the outcome be? We see houses being demolished by a bulldozer. Is it real or does Shinsuke dream of this? Will he plan a solution and save the town? Only Kisetsu no Nai Machi can answer our questions.

Kisetsu no Nai Machi Release Date and Trailer

The Disney+ original series drops on August 9. Watch the series trailer below.

Are you interested in watching Kisetsu no Nai Machi (季節のない街)? Let us know in the comments below.

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