BTS’ Suga Last Agust D Tour: Best Moments and Special Tweets by Fans

For BTS Army, August 6 will be a memorable evening. Fans witnessed Suga, aka Min Yoon-gi, set the stage on fire at his Agust D Tour at KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea. The sad thing is it was the final concert of his tour. It was packed with many surprises and endearing moments. The singer made sure fans remember it for their lifetime.

Thanks to social media, a lot of fans from around the world got to witness some amazing moments from the concert. We have listed a few for you so that you can cherish these sweet and emotional points from the D-Day concert.

BTS' Suga Last Agust D Tour: Best Moments and Special Tweets by Fans

Best Moments from BTS Suga’s Concert

The ‘D-Day’ made not only fans but also Suga emotional as he teared up during his performance.

The Kpop singer tearing up and fellow band members Jin, J-hope and RM present at the concert ignited speculations that he might be getting enlisted for military training soon.

BTS’ RM joined Suga, giving everyone chills with their ‘Strange’ track performance.

On stage, along with treating fans to his melodious voice and rocking performance, the singer also flaunted his “7” tattoo. He pulled down his shirt to show the tattoo to his beloved fans. The K-pop singer also showed his tattoo during his WeVerse Live session.

Yoon-gi’s shoutout to J-hope before singing ‘People Part 2’ got cheers. He said, “Whenever I sing this, I feel like I’m with J-hope”. After the shoutout, J-hope saluted him, followed by a finger heart. But left everyone surprised was Jin standing there. It was a precious moment!

During one of the nights, the moment when Min Yoon-gi plays the piano, his fans sing for him. The video will definitely give you goosebumps.

Who would’ve thought after giving such a beautiful night to remember, BTS members would treat their fans with a selfie featuring Suga, J-hope RM and Jin?

Here are some of our favourite tweets from BTS’ Suga’s Agust D-Day Final Tour

What was your favourite and best moments from Suga’s Agust D-Day final concert? Do let us know in the comments section below

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