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BTS’ Suga Says “See You in 2025”, Reveals Why He Cried At the Concert and More

The first week of August was made memorable for a lot of BTS fans, thanks to Suga, aka Min Yoon-gi. The Kpop band member concluded his solo Agust D Tour in Seoul on August 6. The tour in the city lasted for 3 years and was full of cheers, claps, tears and surprises.

During his performance, Suga teared up on stage. Fans were emotional seeing their favourite singer get emotional on the stage. They were also concerned for him. After his concert, the BTS singer conducted a live session on WeVerse and shared the reason for getting emotional on stage.

BTS Suga Tattoo

In the video, Yoon-gi says, “I’m really not the type to cry. But from the starting snooze I felt it. The members were there, my sunbaenims came too. Before, I had a dream while watching many Sunbaenim and now I’ve become someone’s sunbae. And those 10 years flew past me and that’s when the tears came.”

In the same live, the First Love singer flaunted the tattoo. He asked his fans why they keep asking to see it, what’s the big deal. He then takes up his left-hand sleeve and shows his “7” tattoo to the camera.

But here comes the shocking part. There have been rumours that Suga might soon get enlisted for military training in South Korea. J-hope, RM and Jin’s presence at the August D-Day concert added more to the speculations. But Yoon-gi’s message in the WeVerse video also hinted that he might soon leave for training.

In the same live session, Min Yoon-gi says, “If I say (let’s meet again) soon, that feels like a lie. So let’s see each other again in 2025. All right? Please wait a bit, 2025. Let’s see each other then. You did great.”

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Fans have reacted to his video on Twitter/X. One person tweeted, “D Day the final has done. The tattoo has revealed. I decided to stop subscribe spo, mass streaming yt and hiatus this twitter. let’s meet in 2025 like Suga says it will be hard, but i will grow better and show you the best of me😊”.

Another posted, “Thanks for an epic concert, Suga/AgustD… I don’t want to be sad, instead I will thank you for giving us an unforgettable concert before we meet again in 2025.. BorahaeBTS🫶🏻 💜”.

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What do you have to say about the concerts and Yoon-gi’s message to fans? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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