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[FULL] Cyan Boujee Leaked Video

The article Cyan Boujee Leaked Video focuses on the leaked video involving Cyan Boujee, a South African YouTuber, content creator, influencer, business owner, and philanthropist.

She is well-known for producing captivating and engaging video content. In 2019, Cyan Boujee embarked on her career as a YouTuber.

She uploaded her first video in December of that year, initially creating content centered around makeup and fashion-related topics.

Later on, she began documenting aspects of her personal life, providing her fans with insights into her private world.

In addition, she boasts a substantial fan base and has garnered 12.4 million likes on TikTok. Cyan now positions herself as a brand influencer.

Over the past five years, she has endorsed several products. She promotes the Reaching Out Foundation on her newly established Instagram account, which she created after her previous official account was compromised.

This charity was established to raise funds for the less fortunate individuals in her country. Stay tuned until the end to learn more about the leaked video involving Cyan Boujee and other related details.

Cyan Boujee Leaked Video

Cyan Boujee’s allegations of sharing a private video have propelled Prince Kaybee into the spotlight. The leaked video involving Cyan Boujee has become a topic of interest for internet users.

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, the controversial club hostess responded after her video gained popularity on social media.

Despite the viral attention for the wrong reasons, Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to discuss his work, seemingly disregarding the commotion.

Cyan Boujee Leaked Video

Social media sensation Cyan Boujee has reportedly accused award-winning dance music artist Prince Kaybee of leaking the explicit video online in response to her own sex tape being leaked.

In one of Cyan Boujee’s Instagram Stories, there is a post that appears to accuse Prince Kaybee of the leak, according to an unverified screenshot circulating on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

The green icon in the top-left corner of the screenshot suggests that, if authentic, it was shared with Cyan’s Close Friends list, indicating that the person leaking the information may have been someone she was close to.

She Has Accused Prince Kaybee Of Leaking Her Tape

Following Cyan Boujee’s allegation that Prince Kaybee leaked their video, Prince Kaybee rose to the top of the Mzansi Twitter trends.

Fans have been searching for evidence connecting Prince Kaybee to the video. Cyan Boujee mentioned that she would arrive in a few minutes.

Godspeed to Prince Kaybee. Her only concern is that her friends will all abandon her, which is likely to be him.

Since then, Twitter users have been reacting to the alleged screenshot, causing “Cyan” and “Prince Kaybee” to trend locally.

Prince Kaybee engaging in revenge porn for himself and then tormenting Cyan is outrageous, tweeted @tamia21314.

Following Cyan Boujee’s comments about Prince Kaybee, social media users eagerly awaited his response. When the controversial media personality was accused of sharing their video, he suddenly became the focus of social media attention.

After the video went viral, Cyan Boujee claimed that the Gugulethu hitmaker was the one who uploaded it to the internet on her Instagram page.

Dating Life & Boyfriend of Cyan Boujee

Before falling in love with Bamzy Riches, Cyan Boujee was previously involved in another relationship. She had a romantic involvement with DJ Maphorisa.

She had a dispute with her other ex-boyfriend, Beverly Tihako, regarding her connection with DJ Maphorisa. In the meantime, she established a connection with Pro, a Graphic Designer.

Her recent confrontation with her current boyfriend Bamzy Riches sparked outrage.

After the altercation, it was revealed to the world that Bamzy Riches had engaged in unprotected sexual contact with her, resulting in her pregnancy.

She also claimed that a miscarriage prevented her from having children with Bamzy Riches.


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