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Dayaa Ending Explained: What is JD Chakravarthy’s Real Identity? Where is Kavitha’s Pendrive?

Now that Disney+ Hotstar’s latest Telugu series starring our favourite JD Chakravarthy has dropped, here is Dayaa Ending Explained. Alongside Chakravarthy, the series stars Eesha Rebba, Josh Ravi, Babloo Prithiveeraj, Remya Nambeesan and Kamal Kamaraju. It has been directed by Pavan Sadineni. It has been adapted from the Bengali webseries Taqdeer.

Despite offering twists and revelations along with a layered plot, there are certain important things that the series doesn’t clarify at the end. It excels at certain levels but fails at some. This does take a toll on the overall effectiveness but doesn’t pull away from its base nature as a thriller. For those who might reconsider watching it because it is adapted, go for it.

Dayaa Ending Explained Contains Spoilers

Dayaa Ending Synopsis

Dayaa and Prabha work for a freezer truck company. He is the driver of the truck while Prabha handles the fish it transports. Life has been moving ahead smoothly until when Dayaa finds a woman’s corpse inside the truck. He and Prabha have to find a way to get rid of it without anyone else finding out about it and alerting the police.

In a parallel plotline, popular journalist Kavitha Naidu goes missing after threatening to reveal MLA Parashurama Raju’s horrendous secrets that involve the death of numerous kids as well as rape. How these two plotlines intersect and in what way they are connected is what the series is all about.

Dayaa Ending Explained

What Led to the Death of Kavitha Naidu?

Kavitha Naidu wanted to find the culprit who was responsible for the rape of a woman Swecha. When she meets her, she finds out that the rape was a leverage to keep the illegal clinical trials being carried out on kids at the hospital where Swecha works as a nurse, under wraps. The trials led to the death of many kids whose parents were lied to about their children having passed away due to an epidemic fever. The whole trial, carried out by a European pharma company, was sanctioned by businessman/MLA Parashurama Raju.

Dayaa Ending Explained Still 1
Still from the Hotstar Series.

As surreal as sounds, she wasn’t killed on Parashurama’s order. It was his brother-in-law who shot her when she tried to hide the pen drive that contained Swecha’s confession. He had come to take the camera on which the confession had been recorded. Personally speaking, I don’t know why she decided to show her assistant Shabana the pendrive with Parashurama’s brother-in-law standing right in front of them. This has to be a flaw in the writing.

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Where is the Pendrive?

When Dayaa gets his guy to retrieve the pendrive from inside the corpse of Kavitha who had swallowed it to hide it, he finds nothing. Where it is, the series doesn’t clarify. While I don’t want to imagine that it must have been flushed away, I find no other reason for its disappearance from inside Kavitha’s stomach. Without it, Parashurama will walk free. Although it doesn’t happen because he dies. However, his death is exclusive of his crimes.

Dayaa Ending Explained Still 2
Still from Dayaa.

Why Is Parashurama Raju Killed?

After everything that he did and all that Kavitha Naidu went through to bring him to justice, he is killed out of greed. His brother-in-law/right-hand man gets his throat slit by the housemaid with whom Parashurama would sleep whenever he felt like it. The brother-in-law wanted to take over his seat of power. His evil intent also rises from the rage that was bred by the way Parashurama treated him or rather mistreated him as if he were his servant. Whether you liked the way he died is totally upto you.

Dayaa Ending Explained Still 3
Still from the Telugu Hotstar Original Series.

Who is Dayaa?

This is the most important question that the series poses. Towards the end of the series, we come to know that Dayaa’s real name is Satya. Well, many of us will celebrate the character’s return to the screen while others will try to convince themselves that the Satya we know about is no more and this is someone else.

Dayaa Ending Explained Still 4
Still from the Dayaa Hotstar Series.

Either way, we know that he has a dark past that involves his wife Alivelu as well. The ending ends in a potential cliffhanger that promises a second season that might explore Dayaa aka Satya’s past and who he was before becoming the driver of a freezer truck. We will also find out what how his mother died when he was a kid.

Dayaa is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Have you seen the show? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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