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Providing veterinary services is not the aim of Please note that the following applies to all content on our website, despite our best attempts to make all of our baking and culinary instructions simple to follow:

  • A simple reference for those who are interested;
  • Never meant to take the place of a doctor’s diagnosis or course of treatment;
  • Does not support any specific diagnostic test, surgical operation, or medical therapy.

No part of the service, including for diagnosis or treatment, may be used in the medical field. You should carefully read any information provided by the manufacturer and other sources on or in the packaging and labeling of those things before acquiring and/or using any products offered or promoted on or through the Site. You should take your Recipes to a veterinarian right away if you think they might be sick or know they are.

You promise to never seek treatment based on anything you read on or through the Site if you are a veterinarian who is unsure whether you need professional assistance. You use this stuff at your own risk if you rely on it in any way.

Although accurate as of the time and date mentioned, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. If you want to buy this item, check the price and availability on the relevant Amazon site(s). ​

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