Fatal Seduction Season 1 Ending Explained: Who Killed Whom and Slept With Whom?

Fatal Seduction Season 1 Ending Explained: Fatal Seduction is a crime-drama-mystery TV show directed by Busiswe Ferry Jele, Zuko Nodada, Nthabiseng Mokoena and Johnny Barbuzano, and stars Kgomotso Christopher, Thapelo Mokoena, Prince Grootboom, Nat Ramabulana, Lunathi Mampofu, Ngele Ramulondi and Frances Sholto Douglas, alongside others. The show has a total of 14 episodes, each with a runtime of around 30 minutes.

Fatal Seduction Season 1 Plot

After Nandi and her best friend Brenda go out on a weekend trip, she is faced with the heartbreaking news of Brenda’s death after a night of partying. However, she is also harbouring a dark secret – on their trip; she slept with a young man with whom she kept up the affair after coming back to reality. Unfortunately, this complicates things at home, and soon enough, she realises that there are more complicated things at play than just an affair. Soon enough, the affair brings out more skeletons in different closets, each one worse than the other!

Fatal Seduction Season 1 Ending Explained

Who is in love with whom?

Nandi and her husband Leonard presumably love each other somewhat, although their relationship has been strained for a long time, thanks to his infidelity and her miscarriages. Vuyo used to love Nandi but presently loves Brenda and is devastated by her death. Brenda was sleeping with both Leonard and Vuyo, but loved Leonard and wanted him to leave Nandi to be with her. However, after continuing the affair for 10 years, Leonard makes it clear to her that he will not be leaving his wife.

fatal seduction season 1 ending explained

Who killed Brenda?

After being confused about who killed Brenda for the majority of the runtime, it is revealed that Brenda committed suicide. Realising that Leonard will not be committing to him and Vuyo’s affection for Nandi, Brenda felt desperate, lonely and disheartened and decided to end her life. So, all three men are in the clear. We got to know this thanks to a voicemail that Brenda left on the night of her death to Vuyo, which he discovered quite late.

Why did Nandi go to jail?

In episode 11, a dazed and desperate Leonard tries to make amends with Nandi but incoherently tries to make his point while toting a gun. Nandi, who doesn’t want to reconcile, tries to de-escalate the situation, but it doesn’t work. As things get more and more heightened, Zinhle rushes to her mother’s aid when she realises that her father might murder her mother and stabs him with a katana. The blow doesn’t murder him but puts him back in the hospital in a critical state.

Nandi takes the blame to spare her daughter the heartache, sure that she will be able to get bail. Unfortunately, that goes out the window when no one believes her and the police find fake passports and plane tickets in her home. After the bail gets rejected, no one believes anything other than she stabbed Leonard to get him out of her way and inherit everything.

fatal seduction season 1 ending explained

In the end, Vuyo ends up telling her that he framed Leonard and Nandi in order to get everything and teach them a lesson. He was also angry that Leonard and Nandi didn’t tell him that Zinhale is his daughter, and they have lied about so many things, including Benjamin Jima’s false arrest and death and Leonard orchestrating Vuyo getting shot. He took revenge for all the years of being pushed aside and taken advantage of.

Who killed the minister’s daughter? Why doesn’t anyone want the Benjamin Jima case to be investigated?

Whoever raped and murdered the minister’s daughter seems to be someone quite close to the minister or holding some relevance. The minister desperately tries to keep everything under wraps, and they were the ones who orchestrated framing Jima and using Leonard all those years ago. In the end, they get their hands on Vuyo as well and warn him not to investigate the Jima case and keep everything under wrap by threatening Zinhale’s safety.

Fatal Seduction is streaming on Netflix.

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