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Fatal Seduction Volume 2 Review: Gratuitous Sex Show is Disturbing at This Point

Fatal Seduction Volume 2 Review: Fatal Seduction is a crime-drama-mystery TV show directed by Busiswe Ferry Jele, Zuko Nodada, Nthabiseng Mokoena and Johnny Barbuzano, and stars Kgomotso Christopher, Thapelo Mokoena, Prince Grootboom, Nat Ramabulana, Lunathi Mampofu, Ngele Ramulondi and Frances Sholto Douglas, alongside others. The show has a total of 14 episodes, and volume 2 consists of 7 episodes, each with a runtime of 30 minutes.

Fatal Seduction Volume 2 Plot

After getting into a pickle with Jacob and unknowingly cheating on her husband, who appears to be innocent, Nandi desperately tries to smooth out the disastrous consequences of her actions. However, life is hardly ever that easy and as she desperately tries to right her wrongs, secrets from the past, buried deep previously, threaten to destroy everything that she holds dear.

Fatal Seduction Volume 2 Review

There has to be some sort of limit to showing sex scenes that don’t add anything to the storyline. The first episode of the steamy thriller, a remake of Dark Desire, has a scene in its first episode that is just so oddly graphic that it makes you do a doubletake wondering whether we are still watching Netflix or have moved to some other NSFW website. I mean, even the Spanish series had a ton of unnecessary sex, but this show just takes it to another level; the cringe “sleeping with the mother and daughter” thing is just taken to heightened lows that is nothing short of disturbing.

fatal seduction volume 2 review

Ok, now, coming to the thrills – the problem with watching a remake of a popular series is that you already know the twists and turns. Thus, none of the twists are twists anymore. They are just rather vile things happening that we are being subjected to. Every character continues to hide the truth that cannot be hidden and screw things up by being obtuse on purpose. And even if you keep the remake part aside, the core story and the thrill aren’t twisted or shocking enough for you to be enthralled by what is going on.

On top of that, the series pads the runtime to an insane degree with its unnecessary sex scenes that go nowhere and do nothing. They are actually very uncomfortable to watch and feel forced. The twists are fantastical and have no semblance of reliability or reality to them. It’s like doing something outlandish and calling it what it is – as if showing it off as a serious discourse makes it not insane. There are some differences in the ending from Dark Desire, and unfortunately, this ending is just more insane.

fatal seduction volume 2 review

That’s not to say either is better than the other, because it is not. But this one just goes one step ahead and gets jails and framing a person and whatnot involved. Episode 14, titled Outplayed, is just an insane ride with little to no relevance, and it also makes no sense. For some reason, they make the last season end on a cliffhanger, and, unfortunately, although I don’t want to think about it, we all know why this is a cliffhanger, right?

It’s just such a weird watch that you’d be left with more questions than answers. In fact, there are very few answers at the end of this confusing show, and people’s motivations make no sense. You are left screaming at the screen in a lot of the scenes wondering why people don’t just open their mouths and say something instead of behaving like helpless damsels in distress. Also, the person behind all this mess, too, is just not good; their motivations are also very surface-level. It’s like if someone blew a wet raspberry right in your face.

Fatal Seduction Volume 2 Review: Final Thoughts

fatal seduction volume 2 review

Fatal Seduction is that show that you watch if you’re in the mood for watching something NSFW but don’t care about the content. It leaves you feeling uncomfortable and confused and gives nothing in return for the over-the-top questions that it dares to ask. All in all, absolutely disappointing.

Fatal Seduction is streaming on Netflix.

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