Heartbeat Episode 14 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!

Heartbeat Episode 14 Preview: Heartbeat (가슴이 뛴다) is a fantasy rom-com Korean drama series written by Kim Ha-na and Jung Seung-joo, directed by Lee Hyun-seok and Lee Min-soo, and stars Ok Taec-yeon (Taecyeon) and Won Ji-an in lead roles, along with Park Kang-hyun and Yoon So-hee.

The drama follows half-human, half-vampire Seon Woo-hyul who desperately wants to become a human but missed his chance to switch due to unfortunate circumstances. Meanwhile, Joo In-hae, having lived a difficult life since she was young, is a cold-hearted high-school nurse who owns a guest house. Thanks to certain events, they start to share a house together which changes both of their lives for the better and makes them a little more human than they started out with.

Ok Taec-yeon was last seen in 2022’s Blind, wherein he played the role of Ryu Sung-joon while Won Ji-an’s last role was as Ha Joon-kyung in 2022’s If You Wish Upon MeHeartbeat takes over KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday 9:50 PM timeslot previously occupied by My Perfect Stranger, starring Kim Dong-wook and Jin Ki-joo.

Heartbeat Episode 14 Preview

heartbeat episode 14 preview

Heartbeat Plot

Mydramalist describes the plot as: “A love story between the half-human and half-vampire Seon Woo Hyul, who was unable to become human due to a one-day difference over 100 years, and Joo In Hae, a woman who has no humane side and finds true warmth.”

Heartbeat Cast

Directed by Lee Hyun-seok and Lee Min-soo, the Korean drama series stars Ok Taec-yeon and Won Ji-an in lead roles, along with Park Kang-hyun, Yoon So-hee, Yoon Byung-hee, Ko Kyu-pil, Seung-you and Baek Seo-hoo, alongside other cast members.

Heartbeat Episode List

The fantasy rom-com series is expected to have the usual 16 episodes run.

Where to Watch Heartbeat

The series will air on Monday and Tuesday on KBS2 in Korea and will stream internationally for certain regions on Amazon Prime Video.

Heartbeat Episode 14 Release Date and Time

The Korean TV series will air from June 26, 2023, to August 15, 2023. Episode 14 of the series will air on August 08 at 09:50 PM KST or 8 PM IST on Prime Video (for select regions).

Heartbeat Episode 14 Prediction

Thanks to Sang-hae, Rose and Dong-seop, Woo-hyeol escapes from Man-hwi’s clutches. As he and In-hae celebrate their love, she proposes to move the date of his turning into a human closer. Unfortunately, Woo-hyeol gets too sick before that and eventually chooses to die away from his loved ones. Meanwhile, Do-sik gets his hand on a knife made of hawthorn wood and silver in order to get rid of Woo-hyeol once and for all and save himself. Lastly, Hae-won continues to try and persuade Woo-hyeol into loving him.

Heartbeat Episode 13 Recap

Woo-hyeol and In-hae both try to juggle personal issues without informing the other while their bond continues to grow stronger every day. Working under Do-sik’s orders, Man-hwi tries to make a pretty penny by using In-hae’s father as bait to capture the half-vampire. Hae-won, riddled with jealousy, decides to play the only hand that she has and blackmail In-hae into submission.

Heartbeat is streaming on Amazon Prime Video in select regions and on KBS2 in Korea.

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