Judge Dilawar Leak Video

[FULL VIDEO] Judge Dilawar Leak Video

In recent times, there has been a surge of the “Judge Humayun Dilawar Leak Video” on the internet in Pakistan, leading to discussions and speculations regarding his alleged involvement in the Toshakhana controversy.

Humayun Dilawar serves as an additional district and session judge in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is renowned for his authoritative works on law and women’s rights in Islam, including “The Rights of Women in Islam” and “The Constitution of Pakistan.”

The Judge is highly regarded for his exceptional legal expertise within the Pakistani community.

However, his reputation has recently come under scrutiny due to the controversy surrounding his role in the high-profile Toshakhana case, which involves former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Dilawar’s impartiality as the presiding judge in this case has faced questioning, tarnishing his previously esteemed career. The Toshakhana case has raised doubts about his integrity as a judge.

Judge Dilawar Leak Video

In April 2023, the Islamabad High Court assigned the prominent Toshakhana case to Judge Humayun Dilawar.

On August 5th, 2023, he handed Imran Khan a 3-year prison sentence along with a fine of Rs 1 lakh for his lack of honesty regarding gifts received from foreign dignitaries during his tenure as Prime Minister.

The Toshakhana case revolved around undeclared gifts received by Khan, which he was obligated by law to disclose to election authorities.

The value of these gifts was estimated to be around Rs 140 million. When questioned by authorities, Khan provided inaccurate explanations, which ultimately led to his disqualification as Prime Minister in 2022.

In early August, posts purportedly from the Facebook account of the Pakistani judge surfaced, criticizing the government and military.

These posts alleged that Khan and his supporters were pressuring Dilawar to rule in Khan’s favor in exchange for bribes. They claimed that he was being threatened to shield Khan from prosecution.

Pakistani media reported that the posts were leaked by Ayesha Dilawar, Humayun Dilawar’s wife.

In response, Khan’s legal team filed a complaint against Dilawar, and the Federal Investigation Agency initiated an investigation into the matter. This scandal has raised doubts about Dilawar’s integrity and impartiality as a judge.

Humayun Dilawar: Zafar Hilaly Leaked Video and Message Scandal

The leaked social media posts attributed to Humayun have sparked significant controversy. In these posts, he directly criticized authorities and attempted to deceive the public regarding Khan and his handling of the prime ministership.

A post dated June 30 claimed that supporters of Khan were pressuring the judge to unlawfully protect the former prime minister from prosecution. It stated that he was being coerced through threats and offers of bribes.

The posts expressed subjective opinions on Khan, his political party PTI, and government affairs. While individuals have the right to hold personal perspectives, a judge making such claims publicly raises doubts about their impartiality.

The scandal has raised concerns that Dilawar may have violated judicial ethics by compromising his objectivity.

According to Pakistan’s legal code, judges are required to maintain independence and impartiality in their rulings. The posts suggest an inappropriate alignment with one party in the Toshakhana case.

Zafar Hilaly, a Pakistani political commentator and diplomat, has provided his insights regarding the widely circulated Facebook post by the judge.

Despite the controversy, Dilawar rejected Khan’s motion to dismiss the case on August 5th and sentenced the former prime minister to three years in prison.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is currently investigating the source and authenticity of the leaked posts. The Dilawar message scandal has cast a shadow over the judge’s reputation as he continues to preside over the closely watched Toshakhana case.


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