King the Land Ending Explained: Did Sa-rang Fulfill Her Dream? Does Gu Won Ever Propose Again?

King the Land (킹더랜드) is a rom-com Kdrama that brings the story of an heir and an employee who works at one of the hotels owned by his family. Directed by Im Hyun-wook, the drama stars Lee Jun-ho, Im Yoon-ah, Go Won-hee, Kim Ga-eun, Ahn Se-ha, and Kim Jae-won, alongside other cast members.

The drama brings the story of the heir Goo Won who has been thrown into an inheritance war, and the happy Cheon Sa-rang, whose smile moves him like no other. As the two begin to spend more time together, a beautiful love begins to bloom in their story.

King the Land Ending Explained

King the Land episode 16 brought the end of this beautiful show that got our emotions going up and down right until the end. While the higher emotions were mostly felt in episode 15, episode 16 is also much loved because of the soothing feeling it brought to us after the hectic ride.

Episode 16 began with the cliffhanger we were left at in episode 15; thankfully letting us know that our precious Sa-rang and Gu Won couple are not splitting any time soon. Instead, they are now beginning their individual journeys to achieve something in their stories. Thus, putting Gu Won’s proposal on hold, we are all left wondering if we would ever get to see this couple walking down the aisle before the end of the show.

King the Land Episode 16 Review
King the Land Episode 16 still

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As the episode progresses, we see Sa-rang working hard to find the perfect property to make her dream of being the owner of her own hotel come true. She finally finds the perfect location and begins to build her dream from scratch, until she finally completes setting up her Hotel Amor.

On the other hand, Gu Won too prepares for King Hotel’s new future that holds a place where no one holds a fake smile. However, while he gets busy with his new responsibilities, it doesn’t stop him from taking care of his beloved and making sure that she never feels alone.

Finally, Sa-rang notices what he has been doing and worries about his declining health which is a result of his exhausting schedule and travelling back and forth this whole time. She then tells him of her plan to hire a part-timer, letting him know that she will have enough help and wouldn’t need him to travel the distance so frequently.

Gu Won has no choice but to accept her plan, however, he is not one to give up and this is clear when he shows up as one of the interviewees. Having found no good part-timer and amused by her boyfriend’s tactic, Sa-rang finally gives in and accepts him as the new helper at Hotel Amor.

King the Land Episode 16 Review
King the Land Episode 16 still

However, she is soon surprised upon finding that this isn’t the only surprise that Gu Won has prepared for her. When she sees him bend on his knee with a ring out for her, she is overjoyed and doesn’t take too long to accept his marriage proposal. The couple share a hug and their happiness as they look forward to the bright future ahead.

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Now, the task ahead is to get Sa-rang’s grandmother’s approval for the same and what better way than to have Gu Won prepare a wonderful meal for her on her birthday? Gu Won succeeds in making Sa-rang’s grandmother happy with the meal and when the two break the news of their wedding, the elder can’t help but be overjoyed seeing the two happy.

Soon, the day of their wedding arrives and King the Land is decorated for their happy occasion. Han Mi-so too arrives for her son’s wedding and runs into Hwa-ran and Ji-hu outside the venue. There, she happily greets the two while leaving behind their history that no longer affects her. Hwa-ran too shows a polite face and does not feel anger in any way.

Elsewhere, Sa-rang’s friends arrive with their better halves and take part in this event. Meanwhile, Il-hoon heads up to meet his son and wishes him the best for the future that he has created for himself. The two share a hug and Il-hoon returns to the wedding hall where he sits next to Mi-so and tries to patch things up between the two.

King the Land Episode 16 Review
King the Land Episode 16 still

Soon, the wedding ceremony begins and Gu Won enters, followed by his bride who he approaches to take down the aisle. With vows that let one another know that they will follow each other no matter where the ceremony soon comes to an end.

The final scene is an epilogue wherein the couple are shopping for Gu Won’s wedding suit. A very beautiful shift from having the bride change into many dresses, this scene ends with the perfect suit for Gu Won and an acknowledgement of the audience who have been on this journey with them through the last eight weeks.

With this, King the Land comes to a beautiful ending and viewers are left with a soothing feel brought to us by this beautiful rom-com.

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