What is Korean Reality Series Zombieverse About? Release Date, Episodes and More

The dreads of facing a post-apocalyptic scenario are expected to become more real than ever with Netflix’s upcoming reality show, Zombieverse (좀비버스) set in Seoul. The idea of survival amid a zombie virus outbreak surely rings a bell considering it has been explored in shows such as All of Us Are Dead and more recently in The Last of Us. What’s amusing is that the streaming survival show will have challenging quests that the participants must take on to stay in the game. As far as reality TV shows go, the Netflix project does seem like a breath of fresh air as it promises to hold the audience on the edge of their seats.

The unscripted series will have popular Korean entertainers who will fight for survival as they try to outrun the walking dead. Netflix has been serving audiences with some irresistible K-content and the new reality show seems like yet another addition to their roster. A trailer for the upcoming series has been released and it promised all the elements that would make it bingeworthy. Several moments in the survival show are expected to make the audience wonder how they would react under the scary circumstances.

What is Netflix’s Zombieverse About?

The reality series will revolve around a group of survivors who will be expected to work together as they struggle to survive amid a zombie outbreak. Their actions and decisions will be key in terms of securing necessities for their survival including food and shelter. The contestants will be taking on daily tasks to earn their supplies and while doing so, they must keep themselves safe from the walking dead. The challenge all through would be for the contestants to not get bitten by the undead. For those wondering if the show will have real zombies, we can only say that there may not be any real undead beings but that doesn’t make the show any less scary.

What is Korean Reality Series Zombieverse About? Release Date, Episodes and More

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Who are the Contestants on Zombieverse?

For fans of Korean entertainment, this series will be a must-watch given that popular personalities such as Sweet Home star Lee Si-young, Ro Hong-chul, comedian Park Na-rae, Single’s Inferno 2 fame Kim Jin-young, Japanese singer Fukutomi Tsuki, former baseball pitcher Yoo Hee-kwan and rapper DinDin. Also, famed YouTube personalities, Jonathan and Patricia Yiombi will be a part of the show.

Zombieverse Release Date and Trailer

Given the show’s intriguing concept and the exciting trailer, fans have been eagerly waiting to watch the reality show. Zombieverse is all set to be released on Netflix on August 8, 2023. The number of episodes in the reality series hasn’t been confirmed yet by the streaming platform. It’s also unclear if the episodes will be arriving weekly.

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