Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Ending Explained: Did Akira, Shizuka and Kencho Make It Out Alive?

Now releasing as a live-action film on Netflix, the Japanese title has been put together as a combination of compact predictable events, which lead us to the moment of Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead ending. (ゾン100 ~ゾンビになるまでにしたい100のこと~) is basically a remake of the newly releases anime series of the same name, in turn based on the manga series created by Haro Aso. Either way, at its base, the main concept pushes its storyline through the presence of the three ending characters – Akira Tendo (played by Eiji Akaso), Shizuka (Mai Shiraishi) and Kencho (Shuntaro Yanagi).

Directed by Yusuke Ishida and written by Tatsuro Mishima, the Zom 100 movie ending is quite direct and simple to understand if you actually watch the action unfold in front of your screens. However, reading all about it may makes its comprehension harder to break down, because the final sequences are no logic, all action as the leading trio tries their all to defeat the army of zombies and their new-found alliance with a king-sized threat.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Ending Explained

Upon finally reaching the safe house location – Marine Paradise Aquarium in Ibaraki, Akira, Shizuka and Kencho see that many survivors of the armageddon have united there due to high security and food and other supplies provided by those incharge. Initially Akira had only wanted go tech the place because he wanted to strike “being a superhero to the people” wish off his Wishlist, and as you know superheroes must also look the part for which they need to perfect signature outfit to stand out in the crowd.

During his previous research with Kencho by his side, way before they had joined forces with Shizuka, Akira had found that the one-of-a-kind suit imperious to shark bites and attacks had been created and safeguarded at this place. The idea led him to connect the dots and believe that once he got his hands on this suit, he would basically be invincible against zombie attacks too, and be the perfect hero he’d been aspiring to be.

His blissful dream is cut short for a while when he realises that his old boss Kosugi is heading the place and living like a king, while the rest of the survivors have to bend down to his will and live a meek life defined by the bare minimum necessities handed to them.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Ending Explained - Akira, Kencho and Shizuka

The whole situation starts shaping into the old picture of Akira’s former office space as the people found no other choice but to conform to the rules laid out by Kosugi or else be pushed out to face a greater fear. Seeing his boss takes Akira back in time and almost erases all the character building experiences he’d gained so far. His independent self who was able to fend for himself and keep his friends safe along the way vanishes behind his compliance to Kosugi’s commands as he assumes the role of his lackey.

However, his friends can bear to see the sight of him going to hid old ways. And while they can’t yet plan anything to overthrow Kosugi’s command, they decide to slide out the back door of the establishment and lead a life of their design. When Kencho pulls him out to escape it all, Akira declines the offer and his fallen self that had already submitted to the so-called “safe haven” calls out his friends to stay back instead of taking off on a route that gave them no assurance of safety or stability.

All while these conversations are taking place, a zombie slips into the supply truck, which when opened up at the gates of the location, allows the undead creature to unleash havoc. The chaos so created snatches any definition of control from the guards’ hands, as the mob of their held-in zombies is also released in the process.

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Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Ending Explained - Zombie Shark

In a parallel scenes, Shizuka catches sight of Akira’s Wishlist and carries it back inside with her. While advising her friend, she reminds him of the vision of agency and freedom he’d created by penning down his wishes in the notebook in the first place. The whole thing jumpstarts his spontaneity loving soul again. As they’re going about this long conversation about killing down his zombie-like existence, real zombies take over the aquarium and rush in.

If that still seemed like a problem that could be solved, the zombies then dive in deep into the water-space that had been keeping the majestic shark in. While the actual scene isn’t actually presented to us, we can assume that the inhuman creatures got the better of the bloodthirsty sea animal and turned it into one of them, and so the zombie-shark was birthed.

Seeing the ruckus unfold, with survivors losing their calm and fearing for their life again, Akira’s superhero fever kicks in again and he and his friends bring in everyone to safety. The whole scene takes the other managers of the site aback as they realise that their ostensible leader Kosugi is only concerned about his well-being and is even ready to throw others’ lives as bait if needed to protect himself.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Ending Explained - Akira

Yet, in all the confusion and racing back and forth, he gets left out alone with the killer shark zombie. Akira’s self-righteous mindset doesn’t allow him to die this way, and he pulls out the electric blue (power rangers-like) superhero costume he’d been on the lookout for all along, and just (magically) happened to be in the same room as their hiding spot.

Putting it on, he walked in all his heroic glory to reduce his devious boss, but a new development catches him off guard – all the zombies that may have bitten the shark earlier push out their legs of the sea animal’s body and now the shark zombie earned the ability to walk too, making things worse for the lot.

Then, Shizuka and Kencho also jump into action, as the former uses the combined power of a megaphone and music playing on the mobile phone to fight off the other zombies and guide them on to the path of falling into the water. With those zombies dealt with, now they had to shut chapter on the zombie shark, for which Shizuka’s brain concocts the plan of hitting the shark on its vulnerable spot with a pair of batteries, thus electrocuting it.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Ending Explained - Final Fight

To actually accomplish the deed, she needed to get the batteries to Akira, who was far off struggling against the creature. Kencho’s old football-playing spirit takes over and he promised to pass over the weapon to his friend.

While distracting the gigantic monster, he simultaneously also saves his hurt friend from becoming the shark’s prey. Thereafter, despite his old trauma and memories of not having passed the football to Akira timely during their college years flashing in front of his eyes, he finally takes the leap after a moment of hesitation and the pass is successfully caught by Akira.

Next, using his suit as as electric conductor, the fired up batteries’ charge finally strikes down the shark. In the end, the three friends survive it all. The other survivors also catch the perfect opportunity to take off with the zombies all captured inside the aquarium. If you thought that Kosugi had died through all that action, then you’re wrong. Pulling his injured self up, he jumps at the survivors ready to leave, but this time even his own men reject him and show him the mirror about how bad a leader he had been to them, while Akira had actually guided them to all to safety.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Ending Explained - final scene
The last new wish added by Akira read, “20. Make Being a Superhero my New Job!”

The movie ends with the trio taking off in their camper-van and the bucket list is extended to Shizuka and Kencho as well, as the former pen her desire of wanting to become a doctor who saves lives and the latter plans on becoming a comedian who always lightens up the situation and makes people laugh. On the other hand, having achieved his dream of being a superhero who saves everyone, Akira looks at the bigger picture and opens the wish up to greater possibilities by writing down his new wish which entailed turning being a superhero into a job in itself.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead movie is now streaming on Netflix. Read our review of the same below.

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